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     Angela’s Team Empire Inc., based on our principles of Love, Patience and Service, was created as a service-based nonprofit organization providing social services for individuals within these groupings: Veterans, Homeless, Youth, and Families. As a California Domestic corporation, our services would help those individuals in our group and provide the necessary treatment, funding and tools to assist and positively impact them.  Angela’s Team Empire was founded on March 2, 2017. Our goal is to help those that are experiencing homelessness and to provide a safe place of rescue to assist them as they reintegrate back into a productive society.  Each one of us has encountered homeless people on our everyday walk and may have not known just what to do or how to help, but A.T.E is dedicated in our community to bring about change helping one person, one family, one child at a time. Ending homelessness won’t be easy but it will take all of us to assist in this effort in our community.  We at Angela’s Team Empire carry great legacy and desire to continue to serve our community on another level. At Angela’s Team Empire Inc., we value ourselves by the motto of: "No Greater Love, than the Love we show each Other."

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